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About Us

Scarlett Garnet Jewelry was launched in 2006 by Garnet Griebel and Katie Miller. Virtually “meeting” through mutual friends, Scarlett Garnet Jewelry was born while Katie lived in Charleston, S.C., and Garnet in Kansas City, Mo. After a year communicating solely through email and cell phone, Katie moved back to her home town, St. Louis, and the two finally met in person in 2007. They continue to collaborate long distance, allowing for an interesting dynamic in the creative process.

Scarlett Garnet Jewelry releases a few lines per year, each based around a loose theme and wearable year round.  What began with basic gemstone wrapping and metal hand-sawing has expanded with increased demand. Intricate art is drawn for stainless steel, copper, brass and wood, which is then cut by independent domestic companies. This process allows Scarlett Garnet to create cost-conscious jewelry that is both fashion-forward and durable while patronizing local small businesses. Every piece is assembled in one of Scarlett Garnet’s two studios, by the designers themselves and locally contracted production assistants.  

Uncommon gemstones, art nouveau styling and asymmetrical composition are hallmarks of Scarlett Garnet Jewelry. Intricate cuts and combinations of copper, brass and stainless steel have become Scarlett Garnet’s calling card and are instantly recognizable. Unexpected objects, such as animal bones, and upcycled materials find new beauty when paired with these earthy metals. Scarlett Garnet aims to make unique, and sometimes quirky pieces that reflect the wearer’s style and rebel heart.

Scarlett Garnet Jewelry is available in several boutiques in the designers’ home cities of St. Louis and Kansas City, as well at in Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Austin, Dallas, Pittsburgh and many more. Annually, the business travels to these cities to participate in larger shows like the Renegade Craft Fair, Bazaar Bizarre and Bust Craftacular. In 2012, Scarlett Garnet opened a storefront in St. Louis, MO. Online, Scarlett Garnet is available at ScarlettGarnet.com and Etsy.com. The company has shown at POOL Tradeshow and is represented by Stylism, a wholesale showroom in Japan, and looks forward to expanding its presence nationally and internationally with increased distribution to boutiques. A full listing of retailers, events and press is available on ScarlettGarnet.com.

The two designers are active in their home cities, participating in local fashion, art and music groups. Katie mans the storefront on the eclectic Cherokee Street in South St. Louis city. Garnet's studio is in the creative city of Santa Fe, NM, as she starts her journey to live by the ocean.  
Scarlett Garnet donates to local charities, including St. Luke's Women's Heart Health Education Center and the American Heart Association's Go Red for Women campaign.
Scarlett Garnet Jewelry owes their branding, website, and beautiful photos to the below talented companies:
Logo and website design : Blue Window Creative
Website programming : Blue Window Creative and Ben Bethel
Zodiac Line : M&E Photography and High Spektical Photography
Wedding and Bridal : Brea Photography and Melissa Linn Ellis Photography
Nautical Nouveau : Kelley Photo
Spaghetti Western Sunset : M/E Photography
Egypt Noir: Melissa Lin Ellis Photography
Profile Picture: Melissa Lin Ellis Photography
Glam: Nicolette Katherine Photography
Neon: Jeff Evrad Photography
Gunslinger: Melissa Lin Ellis Photography